Conceived and Directed by Djahari Clark, “Cloud Cuckooland” is a new theatrical spectacle inspired by ancient Greek tragedies.

Follow a girl who, upon her death, is offered a chance to become Queen of the Birds!  But her Queendom is contingent on leaving her heart behind...a doomed existence the ambiguous birds enjoy to the very end.

Collaborators include Playwright Matthew Freeman, Vocal Composer Zahra Hashemian, Desert Sin, House of Yes, and musicians David Kammerer, Harlan Muir, Matthew Talmage, Baby Copperhead, and Damon Ketron. Starring Cassandra Rosebeetle, Zahra Hashemian, Renata Bergan, Amanda Mottur, Sylvana Tapia, Angela Harriell, Joshua Oates, and Emily Dawn Fornier.

Puppets by Jesse Kingsley and Hilary Allison. Costumes by Kristin Costa.

The Heart Awakens
Magpies and Corvids, reveling in treasure!
Drawing by Carolyn Stewart
Girl and her Heart
The flamingos in Cloud Cuckooland!
Signing the contract
Passion awakes
The Bleeding Heart
Corvid Chorus - Birds of Omen
The words of the birds last forever.
The Heart being rejected
Singing Corvids
Cuckoo Bird
Love Makes Us Suffer!
The Bird of Paradise and The Phoenix
The Heart leaving her body
The Storks - soul's migration
The Phoenix haunted by her heart
The crew
The Phoenix
Storks carrying the soul to Cuckooland
Phoenix and Bird of Paradise

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