Sensational storytelling. Artistic Director. Collaborator. Choreographer. Wanderer.


My entire life I have been imagining other worlds. Invariably my work perceives a struggle against boundaries, real and imagined. There is often darkness - I hope to laugh in it.


I frequently collaborate with musicians, puppeteers, and playwrights.


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A theater arts brigadier and an intercultural dancer combining traditional Middle Eastern and contemporary dance, Djahari weaves story and movement to create sensational theater. With a predilection for blurring the lines between the beautiful and grotesque, she seeks the invisible thread that connects us all.

At an early age, Djahari studied at Will Geer Theater’s Academy of the Classics (’86 – ’91), led by a repertory of renowned theater professionals specializing in techniques of Voice, Movement, and Text.  She earned her BA in the School of Theatre, Film and Television at UCLA in 1996, and enhanced her theater endeavors with continuous training in various dance mediums, with an emphasis in Contemporary, and Middle Eastern Dance. She studied with Iranian ballet choreographer, Abdollah Nazemi, and was a principle dancer in his Pars National Ballet Company for 10 years.

In 1999, Djahari founded Desert Sin as a means of merging her love of theater and dance with an “outside the box” approach. An experimental Middle Eastern Dance company that combined social commentary, intricate story telling, puppetry, and more, Desert Sin made a name for itself around the world.


Djahari has created original full-length productions in both Los Angeles and Off-Broadway New York, including "Musée des Femmes”, “Sita’s Fire”, “Twitchers”, “Sex and Taboo”, “Winter in the Woods”, and “Cloud Cuckooland”. In 2014, she completed two different Work-In-Progress Performance Residencies at NYC's Dixon Place. More to come...

In between productions and experimental workshops, Djahari can be found dancing through the forests of upstate New York, or collaborating with awesome artists around the world. 

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"If the second half of The Nutcracker featured the witches from Macbeth and were staged by Cirque du Soleil, the result would be something like Cloud Cuckooland." - 2016


"Djahari's repositioning of Middle Eastern and Indian dance into an unrelated environment created an alluring juxtaposition of movement and mood."

​BushwickBK - Linda Leseman 2011

"I sat there the entire time breathless, my jaw agape, and feeling that pure childlike wonder that is too often a rarity these days…not to be missed!”​

Phantasmaphile - Pam Grossman 2009


"Djahari highlights a sensuality that is strong yet distinctly feminine."

​New York - Tom Penketch 2008