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The Djahari Residency

A space to dream.

Invitation only.

"A true artist's escape, provided by a true, understanding artist. My short stay, that actually felt timeless, was healing in all ways. It restored my soul and set the whole year aright." - Tonus Maximus, December 2022


I believe creativity needs space without expectations. Sometimes it requires a change of scenery, a different perspective, or time alone. When I was younger, I had a dream of living in a place in which every window I looked out was a scene of beauty. I have achieved this goal, and am grateful every day. Now I would like to share this serenity with other creatives in need of refuge, rejuvenation, and inspiration.


The Djahari Residency is a space for solitude, surrounded by natural beauty. It allows time to rest, reflect, and if inspired, to create. If you are invited it is because I admire your work and spirit. Any discipline is considered. The details of your stay are negotiable. You must be able to pay for your own food and supplies during your stay, and manage your own transportation to at least the nearest train station or airport. You must leave the space in the same condition as when you arrived. Beyond this, there is no pressure to produce, or turn in reports, or know what you want to do. Just breathe and let your mind go.




The Cottage

Completely private, two-bedroom cottage with all amenities for comfort, including high-speed internet. A mile from the village, but remote enough for escape. Several secluded acres with mountain views, a small meadow, fairytale Hemlock woods holding two gorgeous year-round streams, and backed up to state land.



Optional Collaboration

Should the fancy take you, you are welcome to collaborate with me during your stay. I am open to any sort of collaboration, or you may participate in my ongoing Gloaming Project - A recorded or live-streamed, mostly improvised performance art piece seeking connection during the last or first of the daylight. A versatile and joyful experience with zero obligation.

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