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Mountain Madness


Presented in Roxbury, NY 2021-2023


Co-producer and choreographer for an annual free festival of theatre, dance and music held in the great western Catskills in Roxbury, NY.  The ensemble guides the audience along a sight specific, immersive experience that weaves scene work, poetry, music and dance.  Sponsored by The Roxbury Arts Group, and recipients of the Delaware County Community Arts Grant.

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Cloud Cuckooland


Presented at House of Yes, NY 2016


“Cloud Cuckooland” is an original theatrical spectacle inspired by ancient Greek tragedies.

A collaboration with playwright, Matthew Freeman.

Cloud Cuckooland (work-in-progress)

Presented at Dixon Place, NY 2014 as part of their work-in-progress residency program.

In collaboration with playwright Matthew Freeman, as well as musicians David Kammerer and Damon Ketron, Dixon Place gave us the opportunity to put our crazy ideas on the stage - dance, song, live music, dialogue, video projections, and puppets! This was a rare look into our process, and a very different draft  of what Cloud Cuckooland became in 2016.

Winter in the Woods

Presented at Bushwick Starr, NY 2010


In 2010, Djahari approached several superb artists and asked them to dwell on the theme “winter in the woods”.  Each artist came back with unique stories, and through a bicoastal collaboration we began to weave together a fairytale.



Presented at House of Yes, NY, 2009


A story about birds, dreams, and women who take flight. “Twitchers” journeys into the unapologetic subconscious, where emotions and instincts display themselves proudly unchecked. 

Musée des Femmes - NYC

Presented at The Zipper Factory Theater, NY, 2008

An edgier, one-act version of the Los Angeles production. Musée - NYC ran off-Broadway for 8 months.

Sita's Fire - The Pathos Within

Presented at Theater Unlimited, Los Angeles 2006

An intimate, black-box performance of vignettes journeying through the pathos of female villains.

Musée des Femmes - Los Angeles

Presented at Hollywood's Historic Ivar Theater in 2004 - 2005.

A carnival spectacle retelling the tales of some of the boldest, most intriguing women in history and fiction. A high energy  show that gave a touching and human twist on fantastic characters. 

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